Fertilizing is an important part of maintaining a healthy garden and lawn. Plants that are well fed and taken care of will produce healthy plants. This in turn will help to keep it healthy enough to withstand the elements, insects that could ruin them, and weeds. Plants or grass need to be fed the nutrients that it lacks and does not receive from the earth. We will work with you to choose what type of fertilizer to use for your garden. We offer organic and synthetic  types of fertilizers. These different types will provide your plants with all the different nutrients it needs.

Depending on which you choose it will release the nutrients at different times. We will have your garden in tip top shape before you know it. We are also able to apply fertilizer to your lawn so that you may have lush grass growing in no time. Here at Cousin LawnCare we will always take time to assess what your garden or lawn needs in order to choose the right fertilizer. Whether its a one time job or a regular occurrence we are always there to assist you. Please give us a call for your free estimate!